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a sensory sound system Comments

Killergrin says: (8 years ago)
I can tell you this as a DJ who has worked for this company and many DJ associates of mine that I personally know. This company is so deep in fraud that they are under investigation by everybody! They don't even assign these weddings til the last minute, and tell the DJs nothing of what was promised. They offer the DJs about 200 bucks, but most of the DJs NEVER get paid! I know several personally that are owed over a thousand bucks- and they still have the nerve to call and try and get them to do more gigs. They pretend the company has "changed owners" and that they are magically not responsible for prior debts. I personally had to threaten the guy to get paid. They hide their address, but the main thief is in Kentucky. They have ruined and soiled the trust of the public and destroyed so many wedding moments, that I don't understand why they haven't been prosecuted yet. Seriously, run away. Use only local DJs that you meet with 1st. Find out a little before you sign. Most REAL DJs only ask for a small deposit beforehand. NEVER pay in full in advance!

realpissed says: (8 years ago)
my mother booked this Dj for my dec 11th wedding last year and paid in full. BIG MISTAKE!!! i tryed to contact the DJ in November and they advised me that my DJ will contact me about 2 weeks before, the monday before my fiday wedding i still had not heard form the DJ so i called again, they again assured me he would call me asap, he did call but not till the night before my wedding, the DJ that was booked was named Nathan and we got some guy Aron who had no idea what he was doing, announced me an my Husband by MY PARENTS last name, hardly played any songs we picked, I had to tell him when it was time to do the dances, to cut the cake, throw the bouquet..shouldnt the DJ be running the show?? we also paid for lights and other accessories, along with a CD that had the wedding songs on it, we got none of that.. very bad experiance.. we have tryed to contact this company may times with no call back or there #s are all disconnected!!! this comany ruined and embarrested me at my wedding!!! if they dont wanna give me my $$ back , they will in court!!!

kermit1971 says: (9 years ago)
do not work for this company either.....i (a professional dj)agreed to book several events with this company in the dallas area and after doing the events (2 months ago) they still have not paid me in full.....they still owe me $525.00 and it is like pulling teeth to get information out of them when i am going to get money out of them.....i spent my time, my gas, and even turned down events ($800.00 worth) and they will not pay me.....this company is a joke and they (yes) should be shut down.....

cll1spring says: (9 years ago)
Had a 4th of July Wedding. DJ was 1 hour late. MAKE REPORTS WITH BBB!!!!! BAD COMPANY!!! I have a written Letter from the Company that says they will refund my Money have not heard since July from them. Will see you in small Claims Court.

StPeteMOB says: (9 years ago)
Rip off artists. No backup on the guarantee. I lost $$

UnhappyinCali says: (9 years ago)
ARGH...A Sensory Sound System you should not only be ashamed of yourself, but you should own up to your horrific business practices. Your guarantee (which is prominently displayed across many of your materials) states that you will give an unconditional 100% guarantee. Isn't that just fantastic!! Well, I'm sure that it would if you could actually GET IN TOUCH with the company. My fiancé and I booked them for our June 2009 wedding and I have to say that I had a bad feeling from the start. Their prices just seemed too good to be true. I recently decided to cancel their services and to obtain my refund. All of their phone numbers are out of service and at this time I have not had a response to my e-mail message. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK OR EVEN CALL THIS COMPANY!! Thank God I'm not out a lot of money and I feel horrible for those of you whose wedding plans they didn't honor.

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