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a sensory sound system Complaint - RIP-OFF ARTISTS - d.j.
a sensory sound system Complaint

a sensory sound system Complaint



My daugher got married 10/18/2008. A sunny day and a beautiful bride. The last time that the bride spoke to Dave @ A Sensory Sound System was the day before her wedding 10/17/2008. But guess what? Can you imagine a wedding withOUT a DJ? Imagine it? That was our life! They took my daughers $$ and then didnt show! A wedding without a DJ. A Sensory Sound System and Dave you should be ashamed of yourselves. What a disgrace you are.

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KarenB says: (9 years ago)
My daughter was the bride of 10/18/1008 who was left DJ-less thanx to A Sensory Sound System Philly, PA. For over a year now I have been in contact with J Kruer who was the owner of A Sensory Sound System at the time of my daughters wedding. After many not so pleasant phone conversations and emails, J Kruer finally made good and paid my daughter the $695 that she thought she had lost. I had told J Kruer that when the amount owed was paid that I would go back to the various websites and let everyone know that he made good. Thank you Mr. Kruer! You are the man that you say you are. ~ Karen

VeryUnhappy says: (9 years ago)
I used this company in Feb. 2009 for a party and it is now May and they still have not gotten my vidoes to me after over 10 calls to where my Paid for UP FRONT vidoes were! The are horrible to deal with DO NOT USE THEM !!!!!!
Paid you brother-in-law more money to vidoe tape it for you, at least you know where he lives to get the vidoe fronm him !!!!

amandalewis says: (9 years ago)
I used A Sensory Sound system for my wedding and for my cousins graduation party. They are a pleasure to work with and both DJ's we had were outstanding. I

EnragedDJ says: (10 years ago)
I guess I'm not the only DJ who's been screwed over by this company. Not only is this company mistreating their customer's, they're also hosing the lifeblood that keeps their company going.

I found out about the company in response to a Craigslist ad (no harm on their part). The person who posted the ad was needing a DJ quick. I responded thinking they were a legitimate company. They put me on their DJ contractors list to inform me of future events that they needed DJs for. Surprisingly, with how lousy this company treats their customers, they somehow manage to book 30-40 events every weekend nationwide!

I ended up taking a gig for them on September 21, 2008. The wedding turned out very well...the groom even asked me for my business card for future events. I informed A Sensory Sound (aka A Solid Gold) about how well the event went and was expected to get paid within the next 6-10 days.

A month had gone by and still NO PAYCHECK! Unfortunately, I managed to book another gig with them while I was waiting for the first check to come. This second gig was for 10/17/2008. I had become so enraged at this point that I called up the bride and told her that she needed to help me get paid from this company or else I couldn't managed to show up at her wedding. I realized what I did was probably completely unprofessional but I can only be so patient. It was truly sad that I had to involve a future bride into my trouble so ensure that I would show up to her own wedding. When the bride called, of course, they gave her the runaround, so then I had to call them up myself. The president, John, was so shocked at what I did that he had to wire money to me the next day. I had to take drastic measures...I simply cannot work for free.

What makes this story even more interesting was that the bride that got married on 10/17 had also booked a videographer for her wedding from A Sensory Sound/A Solid Gold (by the way, what company advertises under 2 different names?!) Guess what? The videographer NEVER even showed up that night. So, future brides, think about your DJ, videographer, and potentially photographer, never even showing up for the one special day of your life.

With the president himself having to wire me money for my first gig with the company, I thought "OK, this company may have slipped and I'll give them another chance." I ended up taking a third gig with them, this time on 10/23. I was ensured by the president himself that I would get paid on time for any future gigs I would take on with the company. I did the second and third gig...both went completely the way it should. The brides were both happy. I provided music for their ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. The guests were dancing on a Friday and Thursday wedding, atypical of most weddings that happen on Saturdays. So what happened to the check for my 2nd and 3rd gig? Today is Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008, over a month past my 2nd gig, and close to a month beyond my 3rd gig, and STILL NO PAYCHECK!

I just called the company and talked to John himself again. Apparently, they have had so many calls that they have not been able to send out my checks. The first excuse they ever gave me was that my name never was in the "system", which I could accept since I was a new contractor working for them, but I can't accept that excuse today.

Future brides, parents of the brides, whoever is reading this...I hope you take into consideration all that I have written and judge for yourself whether the risk you're taking for saving a couple of bucks is worth destroying the most important day of your life. I had no animosity with this company prior to this and I am getting nothing for writing all that I have written so far. Hopefully, I am doing this as a favor to you all. I am by no means advocating another DJ company or my services or anything of that nature.

I am boggled at how this company is still in business (similar to many people who have posted complaints against this company). I can no longer accept another gig with this company because my trust for them has completely diminished. Please feel free to comment on this post. I am even willing to speak with anyone who wants to hear more of my story and my frustration with this company.

I'm sorry I had written more than I intended to...I could write even more. Thank you for reading this and I hope this will help you.

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